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  • Best blogging sites

    There are a number of free blogging sites out there some of which include: Blogger Blogger allows both private and multi-client websites utilize its platform and distribute their work on on different hosts, through ftp. This platform was created by Pyra Labs. Websites or blogs are facilitated by Google at subdomains of Tumblr To […]

  • How to write a marketing plan

    For any effective business operation to be realized, a good marketing plan is needed. Ideally, before coming up with a marketing plan, it is important to take a closer look at your target audience and have a better understanding of their needs. In order to achieve, you may need to incorporate directing statistical surveying by utilizing exchange log examination, dissemination […]

  • How to market a product

    You must start building up your marketing campaign while your product is still in the developing stage. This is because it makes no sense to come up with a great product and have no idea on which your target market is or how you will reach them with the said product. As such, you ought to know […]