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There are a number of free blogging sites out there some of which include:


Blogger allows both private and multi-client websites utilize its platform and distribute their work on on different hosts, through ftp. This platform was created by Pyra Labs. Websites or blogs are facilitated by Google at subdomains of


To some degree, Tumblr is a cross between WordPress and Twitter. It Touches on blogging aspect in addition to a messaging-like platform. It is possible to submit content to a Tumblr blog from anyplace thanks to pristine portable applications. However, it is alwys a good idea to simple to tweak your subject to make it your own.


This platform which was founded by Twitter founders Ev Williams & Biz Stone is a good blogging interface that is great for highlighting the works of other individuals. It is more of a microblogging platform. This is a gret platform to simply underscore important points that you come across from all over the internet. You are able to blog about points you consider important while getting a cleaned, streamlined experience. This platform is however not for those looking for customization and control.

Center pages

Originally, Center Pages was more of an article system, however, of recent it has become more of a blogging and interpersonal interaction platform. It is a great platform for amateur bloggers as well as beginners. For the most part, the administrations part of this platform is free.


Weebly aligns itself as more of a website creation platform as opposed to something for exclusively making a website. Its main focus is centered around customizing the website by simply moving and customizing the parts that you find relevant to your site.

Then again, blogging is additionally piece of the framework, and you become acquainted with customizable designs, a bundle of free subjects, and the typical imparting highlights you’d expect, to spread your words far and wide.


This is a virtual group where online users get to keep a website, diary or journal. LiveJournal is additionally the name of the free and open source server programming that was intended to run the LiveJournal virtual group. LiveJournal’s blogging highlights incorporate those found in comparable blogging locales (different creators, remarking, schedules, and surveys). This platform separates itself from other blogging locales by its WELL-like highlights of an independent group and some person to person communication highlights like other interpersonal interaction destinations.

This platform is ideal for journaling, blogging as well as writing a diary.


Joomla is written in PHP and makes use of much the same structures as you would find on a typical WordPress website. It is a great platform for web content as well as content management with over 6000 free extensions available


Wix which is a cloud-based web development platform is idea for small business that are on a budget and in need of a quick fix. This platform is not only free but is also original and simple to use. It incorporates a Drag and Drop website builder that helps ensure that literally anyone can utilize it with little or no knowledge in coding.


Weebly incorporates a Drag and drop feature that ensures that even amateurs can make use of this platform. It hosts approximately 15 million blog websites in total. The downside is that users are given limited control.


Unlike a number of other platforms, Ghost is not only free in the sense that you download and utilize it by yourself, however in the event that you wish to be active on it, there may be some payment involved. It is generally an open source platform.

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